The Barrons’ Audiobooks

Anaïs Nin introduced the Barrons to friend Henry Miller whom they recorded at Big Sur, California. Meeting Aldous Huxley through the Artist’s Club, they recorded him as well.

We have obtained and had remastered two audiobooks from each of these three writers. Sound engineer Rodney Pearson digitized and restored each recording, leaving just enough artifact to prove antiquity.

According to lore, the Barron’s recorded Tennessee Williams, though we’ve yet to find these records.  They did record 1950s street musician Moondog, creating a handful of records, one of which sold recently for $3300.

The cloth covers are embossed with gold lettering to appear like the covers of hardback books. Each record is pressed on red vinyl.  Accompanying each LP is a two-sided liner note, calligraphied by Bebe Barron; the first page of each is shown below:

Liner notes – Anaïs Nin

Liner notes – Henry Miller

Liner notes – Aldous Huxley

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