Nin & Barron links

Anaïs Nin links:

A Wikipedia article recounts the life and works of this brilliant and multifaceted writer.

The Blog of the Anaïs Nin Trust, covers diverse and fascinating information on all dimensions of Anaïs.

Anaï, the website of the Anaïs Nin Trust, provides links for the purchases of electronic and printed Nin titles, including rare and vintage books. Permission requests for the use of her writing are addressed to this website.

Anaï includes recollections of Anaïs, a memorial to Nin’s husband Rupert Pole, a blog, and a bookstore.

The Portable Anaïs Nin, compiled, introduced, and annotated by Benjamin Franklin V, published in cooperation with the Anaïs Nin Trust, 2011, can be ordered here. A chronologically arranged sampling of entire selections of Nin’ fiction, diaries, interviews, and critical writing intended to give the reader, for the first time, a complete guidebook to her canon.

 The Barrons links:

A Wikipedia article provides details on the Barrons’ lives and careers.

Electronic musician Wendy Carlos (A Clockwork Orange, Switched on Bach) wrote a retrospective on the Barrons, including pictures of their 8th Street Studio.

In a recorded NPR interview, Bebe describes the Barron’s work on the ‘Forbidden Planet’ soundtrack.

In an interview and memoire by musician friend Jane Brockman, Bebe recounts the technical aspects of the Barron’s work; Jane reminisces about Bebe.

Bebe Barron’s final electronic work, Mixed Emotions, can be listened to here. Sounds were produced at UC Santa Barbara. Assembled and mixed at Jane Brockman’s studio, Los Angeles, 2000

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